Eye has not seen, nor ear heard, neither has it entered into the heart of man, what things God has prepared for them that love him.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Like Sheep Led to the Slaughter

"Products of conception"

That is the phrase used by some literature to de-humanize a new unborn human.  For the record, you and I are both products of conception as well.

These are products of conception.  They are quite obviously human.  The first picture is toward the end of the first trimester--probably 10-12 weeks.  The abortion procedures literally TEAR these babies apart.  They do not magically die at the start of the abortion so that all the "dr" has to do is remove them.  In the "suction" procedure used in the first four months, the baby is suctioned (like a vacuum) out.  Since the baby is usually larger than the instrument-at four months he is about the size of an avocado-- he is necessarily ripped apart.  The abortion shown on ultrasound in "The Silent Scream" was a suction abortion.  The baby clearly thrashes about trying, unsuccessfully, to escape the instrument.  To suggest that he does not feel his slaughter is insanity.

Once the baby is too large for the "suction" abortion, a "dilation and evacuation" is done.  In this procedure, "contents of the uterus are scraped and suctioned out and larger pieces are removed with forceps."  What this means is that the baby (yes, the baby is the "larger pieces") is tugged apart with forceps---limb from limb.  That the yanking apart of a baby is considered good health care is one of the most sickening things I know.  God help us.  God have mercy on us. I think Sodom has nothing on us.

If the baby is approaching the third trimester or in the third trimester (viable by the way), he is too large to be pulled apart and removed piece-meal.  At this point, the cervix must be dilated.  The "dr" uses forceps to grasp the legs of the baby to deliver him most of the way.  Then, with his body born but his head in the birth canal, the "dr" makes an incision at the base of the skull and inserts an instrument to suction out his brain, collapsing the skull and making his head easier to remove.

Yes, the baby, is literally inches from BIRTH, at which point he would have graduated from legally killable blob to legally protected patient/person.

All of this, unbelievably, is completely legal.

So, what did Kermit Gosnell do wrong if this is legal?  How is what he did to babies who had successfully emerged alive any different from doing it while their heads are still in the birth canal????  Is the argument really that he is guilty of being a really inept abortionist so he had to kill them after delivery??  Those few inches mean the difference between "woman's body" and baby's murder???

Gosnell's staff are now on record describing how the babies would often be delivered alive and then killed.  I will not here write about his crimes.  You can begin learning about them here: http://www.lifenews.com/2013/04/12/all-american-horror-story-top-10-kermit-gosnell-trial-revelations/

These procedures are, to any honest person, nothing short of murderous slaughter of innocents.

This is too important to shrug and re-plant our heads in the sand.  Millions have been brutally slaughtered.

This final photo is a baby who is also undergoing a procedure.  Because his mother wants him, the procedure is to help, not murder, him.

If you are pro-choice, please at least know what it is you champion.

Friday, April 12, 2013

The Silence of the Lambs

I remember the physical pain of my first miscarriage. 

I had never been pregnant before and we did not even know I was pregnant.  We were flying up to Michigan and the pain, particularly in flight, was nearly unbearable.  A doctor in Michigan ordered the tests and confirmed both the pregnancy and the miscarriage at the same time.  I was probably only six weeks along (four gestational weeks). 

I can remember feeling emotionally numb about it.  I didn't feel pregnant.  I didn't feel like a mom.  Those thoughts didn't even occur to me.  I only felt a lot of pain.

I had three children before I had another miscarriage.  This time, I was an experienced mom.  As soon as we had a positive test, we were excited.  The hcg tests were good.  It was at the early ultrasound to determine gestational age that we found out we actually had a blighted ovum.  I was so saddened by the news.  Four months later, we were pregnant with Gabriel.

The friends I have who have miscarried all felt a great loss.  It was not a tumor or blob whose heart had stopped.  They had lost their children.  The loss of pre-born children is barely recognized in our society.  It is a mostly silent loss, leaving the parents feeling lonely and helpless.  They suffer the agony of unrealized hopes and dreams.

My heart breaks for all the young mothers out there who have been sold an evil, terrible, devious lie.  They have been told that the precious life growing inside their wombs is little more than an inconvenient tumor.  They are presented with a relatively easy "solution" for their unfortunate condition.  The truth is deliberately withheld.  Abortion proponents have resisted legislation which would require waiting periods, informed consent, parental consent, ultrasounds, etc.  It is well known that the majority of women planning abortion change their minds after seeing the "blob" (baby) on an ultrasound.

Safe?  Legal?  Rare?  That they don't want women to know the truth of abortion says otherwise.

How many women, believing the lie, have consented to having the "products of pregnancy" removed only to find out weeks or months (years?) later the truth of abortion?  How many women see pro-life or abortion literature and, realizing that the "product" that was so unceremoniously suctioned out was, in fact, a small but fully formed baby complete with fingers and toes, experience profound traumatic shock?

I know many pro-life people who would scoff at that.  They would hasten to condemn the women.  It is true that many women know exactly what they are doing.  Still, there are those who do not.  The scars from such a trauma must be agony.  These are women who not only suffered loss, but are burdened with the guilt of having unwittingly "chosen" the killing of their children.  If grief from miscarriage is silent and lonely, how much more terrible must their grief laden with guilt be?

We must pray for an end to this evil that has penetrated, no, infected our society.