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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Can you say "Hiatus?"

Last post was almost 2 years ago.  At that time, we found out we were expecting our seventh child.  We had new preparations to consider--preparations that aren't necessary for just one or two children.

We are the proud owners of a huge, white 15 passenger van!  We drove up to  the Atlanta area for a family wedding and had a fun time with my sister and her family while camping.

From Thanksgiving until Easter, we enjoyed the company of my in-laws.  They now spend half the year in upper Michigan and the other half just north of Orlando, visiting us frequently.

As June approached (the month of baby's arrival) we made arrangements for Grandma to stay with us for a few weeks.  Our plan was for her to arrive a couple days before the due date.  Commence snickering.

Most of my babies were induced a week late.  The last two before this one were very punctual and arrived naturally on their due date.  We decided to provide "Murphy" (law anyone?) with plenty of opportunities.  The company picnic was scheduled on the due date---and was an hour away in the summer heat in Miami.  We had a great time at the picnic, hoping the entire time that we'd have to make a hasty retreat due to labor.  Murphy chuckled.

We did other outings for the next 12 days--unsuccessfully.

Finally, my OB reminded me that she'd be leaving the country for a week.  She'd be leaving in two days -- which was my 2 week overdue mark.  Panic!  Let's just say that she hand delivered an invitation for him to come out.  hehehe.

He was born the next day!  My OB got to attend her first home-birth.  It was awesome!

Fast forward a year.  Joshua just turned one.  He is a very well loved little boy.  He adores his brothers and sisters, especially Brianna (15-little mommy) and Nathan (12 and loves playing with him).

People always look shocked when they find out how large our family is.  Other parents comment that they could never handle it.  What they don't consider is that the hardest part is the first several years when there are two adults with several little people.  Now, we are more like four adults with several little people.  That makes a HUGE difference. 

I hope that the moms and dads out there love their children and experience joy and laughter with them every day.

I know we do.

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