Eye has not seen, nor ear heard, neither has it entered into the heart of man, what things God has prepared for them that love him.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Kids say the darndest things

I truly hope that every parent out there experiences joy on a daily basis.  These little people with which God has gifted us can be an endless source of mirth.

There have been countless examples over the years, but I'll just mention a few here.


My oldest reads her Bible more often than many.  One day, she was telling me about some verses.  I asked what book she was reading.

She responded, "Pizzalms."

"Uh, WHAT?"

"Pizzalms.  The book Pizzalms."

Then, it dawned on me.  She was reading Psalms.  I started laughing.  Hard.  Something about that just tickled my brain.

Birds don't wear panties

That's probably self explanatory, right?

Well, Cecilia (then 4) was running around the house naked.  It was morning and she had not yet dressed for the day.  I called out to her to put on some panties...several times...as she ran around naked.  After several minutes she picked up two of those padded knee mats for gardening and waved one in each hand.

"Look, mommy, I'm a bird!" she declared as she ran around flapping her arms...still naked.

"Cecilia, go get some panties."

*a minute later...


"Mommy, birds don't wear panties!"

Can't argue with that logic.


Running around naked (again-sensing a trend, no?).  Cecilia (then three) was running around in circles until breathless.

When she stopped, she held out her arms and wobbled a bit as she exclaimed, "Whew, I'm so dizzy."

Can I cut up some mango?

Just a few days ago, Nathan (12) came to me to ask if he could cut up some mango.  It was almost dinner, so I took a few seconds to decide on an answer.  He looked down at his nice white shirt, and, assuming I was delaying answering out of concern for his shirt, ripped it off.

"NOW can I cut up some mango?"

I couldn't help myself.  I started to chuckle.  I glanced over at Dale.  He was laughing as well.  To anyone watching, it looked as if our son had just stripped for mango.

Then, puzzled and still waiting for an answer from his amused mom, he "rested" his hands on his head.  His three year old sister began poking him in the hip, causing him to shimmy his hips around.

Yep.  He stripped off his shirt and was now shimmying his hips with his hands on his head.


Oh, dear.  We were laughing so hard now.  Tears were rolling.  The poor child had no clue what was so dang funny.

"Yes.  YES!  Please go cut up some mango."


Last summer, my mother-in-law stayed with us for a few weeks to help while we awaited the arrival of baby Joshua.

One night, she was bathing Cecilia and Bella.  Cecilia was observing that her butt was bigger than Bella's butt.  Grandma told her that was because Cecilia was older than Bella.

Then Grandma told Cecilia how old she was.  Cecilia glanced toward Grandma's backside and said, emphatically, "DANG!"


In our house, passing gas is called making bubbles.  Somehow, it's less offensive when it is cute.  Last year, Bella (then 2) had not yet figured out the difference between a "bubble" and a "poopoo" but she knew that big people did that in the potty.

Grandma knew about "bubble" but not that Bella thought it meant poop.  Soooo, when she and Bella were out and Grandma confided to little Bella that she had "bubbled," she was a little taken aback by the look of alarm and dismay on Bella's face.

We got a good laugh later when we explained to Grandma that Bella thought that she had pooped in her pants.

I could go on and on and on.  What all these stories have in common is that they are commonplace.  These are not set up moments of hilarity.  They are embedded in the fabric of life.  You just have to notice them.

And since we are made in His image I am sure of one thing.

God Laughs.

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